What's new in current version of UptimeDC

(Updated on 20 December 2019)


We are permanently working on improving the functionality and usability

Version Number:

Release Date: 28 February 2020


Added Lenovo Flex Chassis to supported blade tracker modelse
Added example file for importing cables
Added vertical scrollbar to room plan list and procedures
Created more detailed information about connections in Network Table Editor for sfp and qsfp connectors, cables or slots
Added new device models

  • HP SN6600B
  • HP SN6650B
  • HP B-series 16 Gb SFP+LW 10
  • HP B-series 16 Gb SFP+SW



Object name in properties will be updated when changing it’s name on a tree
Fixed black screen in qrcode reader
Fixed a bug that caused newly added folders to not be visible in search results in Quickfind
Fixed a bug that caused connections not to be removed when cable is deleted
Fixed setting device name when adding to canvas in DC Room
When removing device connected with SFP/QSFP cable, the cable will no longer lose information about the connector that the device was connected with
Fixed displaying scaled port properly on device instance texture
Fixed import devices procedure
Display grid with imported cables in ‘Import Cables Procedure’ instead of displaying this information in Log
Fixed styles for file input in procedure view
Display parameter description when hovering over it’s name in procedure view
Fixed a bug where changing port name in properties would not be reflected in properties’ top panel



Disabled connection possibility for devices which are located in Trashbin
Changed attribute display mode from HTML to String in Properties
Removed arrows from edges in diagrams


Known bugs

Warning!  After upgrade on Linux you need to run RebuildFullTextIndex script manually via Execute Script in Uptime. Follow the instructions on


Version Number:

Release Date: 15 January 2020


Fixed Quickfind searching speed for users with limited permissions to locations


Version Number:

Release Date: 18 December 2019


Networking and Power Tools

  • Network Diagram Editor
  • Network Connections
  • Network Paths
  • Power Diagram Editor
  • Power Connections
  • Power Paths
  • Power Circuits

Remembering chosen color scale



Fixed non-transparent walls in 3D DC Room view
Fixed expansion modules icon scalling in slots
Fixed online backup script – now backup contains changelog
Fixed error causing inability to run procedures when selected a lot of objects in grid


Version Number:

Release Date: 29 November 2019


New licensed feature! Ralph Tracker
Fast traversal – Improved searching performance
Added colors in rack and device 2D and 3D view
Allowed to search with the same query in add new items
Added FA Cache support for permissions, planning, notifications, security, tasks contexts
Added ‘Device ID’ properties field to power and networking contexts
Added posibility to copy cell values from report grid
Added displaying current uptime version on main login page
Attached room plan in dc room is now highlighed
Room plans in DC Room are now sorted in ascending order
Added location column to Delivery List Report
Added filtering propertie’s attributes by displayed name
Added virtual scrolling and filtering to grid



Structure tree optimization
Fixed ObjectNotFoundException error when updating model instances
Fix for AIM models
Fix for autocomplete devices and cables model on mobile client
Removed limitation of the number of rows in grid
Saved checkboxes state in room plan layers after upgrade
Fixed minor bugs in quickfind
Fixed selection problems in Manage Users and Groups view
Fix for MTP-LC cable
Fixed references to plan objects after creating plan from an item



Windows and tabs will no longer refresh when changing properties other than ‘Name’
You can now add task items {devices, ports), task description can be link now
Cable color is no longer required in delivery on mobile client
Sorting tree node names is no longer case-sensitive
List view is now the default view when there is more than 400 items
Allowed to relocate more than one device inside a rack


Known bugs

Warning!  After upgrade on Linux you need to run RebuildFullTextIndex script manually via Execute Script in Uptime. Follow the instructions on


Version Number:

Release Date: 29 August 2019


Added physical location to devices’ names in Network Table Editor and Power Table Editor
Multiselection on tree using Shift key
Added selection highlight in Replace Device Procedure
Moving device between tabs
Added expanding tree by setting mouse over down arrow
New! Search speed boost mechanisms:

  • Fulltext Index Search: Improvement in searching by Quickfind and in Mobile Client
  • Function Attribute Cache: Added data caching – some views will load quicker, clear cache using refresh button on top bar



Fixed a bug where clicking on a tile while tiles are still loading would throw an error
Fixed for polish signs in devices names in delete message
Fixed for displaying length in list view for cable store
Fixed selection setup in Folder and StructureExplorer
Fixed “Warning: Object dropped by GC” while using Network Table Editor
Fixed caching results, fix sending multiple requests when searching from homepage in Mobile Client
Fixed sorting in grid view
Fixed “Comparison method violates its general contract!” error when sorting in FindModel
Fixed sorting by model name
Display proper side (texture) of device in rack and slots in Mobile Client
Fixed bug causing some windows not to be loaded sometimes when application is starting


Focus input field of advanced search on the toolbar when the search icon is pressed
Sorting stores in Mobile Client in ascending order
Read UTF8 CSV files sent through a procedure properly
Enabled activation of cable settings in Store Settings, to prevent cables’ attributes change, after accepting the delivery
Disabled DELETE key on tasks, users and permissions


Known bugs

Unable to add devices to this layer

  • After upgrade some layers in room planning will reset checkbox to disable installing devices. You must edit this room plan and manually enable it on layers you want to install devices.

Problems with generating view in 3D

  • Sometimes there might be some problems with generating view in 3D.


Version Number:

Release Date: 15 July 2019


Delete message expansion

  • How many objects you want to remove
  • Are there any relations in objects
  • List of objects

License check and proper warning message


Selection Fixes

  • Disallow to make a request to recycle bin when one is already in progress
  • Fixed a bug where properties would load an object that was removed
  • Objects can no longer be removed from other windows than the active one

Problem with checking Uptime version

  • Message “Your client application is outdated. Please clear your browser cache” will no longer pop up
  • Uptime verison will be properly displayed in Tools and Preferences menu

Fixed Export devices procedure

  • U column is now device’s U height instead of U position
  • Added Physical position column

Fixed auto-refresh window after removal

Version Number:

Release Date: 10 June 2019


Fixes in Replace procedures

  • Fixed error “no attribute copyTicketsFrom” while trying to use Replace Device procedure
  • There was no field for pasting model you want to replace in Replace Device and Replace All Instances procedures

Fixes in CMDB Tracker

  • Fixed mail reports
  • Removed false information about changes when there aren’t any


Version Number:

Release Date: 21 May 2019


Enhanced Desktop Client features

  • Preserving cable type after creation in Network Table EditorCreate new instance of a cable in Network Table Editor and use it right away
  • New cable connections validationOnly compatible cable types can be used in connections
  • New advanced tool – Power Table EditorCreate and maintain power connections with powerful and convenient tool
  • Confirmation before logical connections removalsNo accidental connections removals anymore
  • New Store Stock Levels ReportQuicker analysis for spare devices available on stock in the stores
  • New device modelsA few new complex device models available in model library
  • Change log for Tickets
    Tickets can be generated in Mobile Client
    Every single change in tickets is tracked and reported in change log

Enhanced Mobile Client features

  • Ability to move devices between racks and slots. Faster changes, no need to launch desktop client
  • Boost in device searching in stores and personal stores
  • QR code generation for cables and moving bunch of cables via QR Code
  • Searching for cables in stores/personal stores available
  • Returning devices and cables into stores after field service operation available
  • Ability to create Tickets directly from smartphone

New! Delivery reception handling – NEW LICENSED FEATURE!

  • Register a new delivery directly from smartphone
  • Create delivery items scanning serial numbers using QR code or barcode
  • Add packs of cables to delivery
  • Add any attachments to delivery or delivery item
  • Two-stage delivery acceptance procedure

New device models

Script loading process


Fixes in Network Table Editor

  • After refreshing Network Table Editor state of devices lists is now preserved

Tree selection fixes

  • There were some bugs while selecting elements on tree

Faster searching in Device Inventory Procedure

  • Device Inventory Procedure got a speed boost! You can search, filter or sort faster now

Procedure attributes fixes: refreshing procedure keeps attributes

  • After refreshing some procedures all attributes were empty



Installer improvements

  • Removing tar after installation on Linux
    In some cases there were still .tar file in installation directory after new installation or upgrade
  • Copying port configurations after upgrade
    There were few cases when some port configurations were reset to default values after upgrade


Version Number:

Release Date: 13 March 2019


New! Store Handling – NEW LICENSED FEATURE!

  • Viewing devices and any infrastructure elements in Stores (temporary locations)
  • Creating personal Stores with devices for field service work orders and installations
  • Installing devices in target locations (DC, racks) directly from Stores
  • Advanced Store stock levels reports and notifications

New device models
Script loading process


Problems with opened windows in Uptime

  • Broken Uptime windows arrangement on various resolutions
  • Loosing focus when closing tab

Port configurations

  • Loosing port configurations after upgrade

Procedures and reports on multiple objects
Context menu on rack and device level
Performance improvement on rack view

  • Lack of context menu
  • Slow loading
  • Decrease of efficiency while dragging and dropping
  • Inability to move device from front to rear side of rack
  • Bad zoom displaying

Minor changelog problems

  • Empty changelog due to problems with displaying date

Problems with Network Table Editor

  • Ports visibility in Network Table Editor
  • Network Table Editor unavailable from server instance view

Problem with excessive log

  • Errors due to not checking if device is Rack Mounted


Version Number:

Release Date: 7 January 2019


New ports connections

  • Port connections C14-C19 are now supported

New!  JavaScript UptimeDC Client in RC1:

  • Performance and speed improvement



Fixed errors with reports

  • Fixed errors with reports in Tasks, Planning and Permissions Context.
  • Fixed errors in Differences Report.

Fixed Rack Shelf usage

  • Fixed adding Rack Shelf to rack.

Fixed problems with AD users

  • Fixed problems with removing users from Active Directory in case of connection failure.


Version Number:

Release Date: 14 August 2018


New fields in Reports

  • Added Device ID to Device Inventory Report
  • Added Owner to Devices Support And Maintenance Report

New port connections

  • Port connections c13-c20 and c15-c20 are now supported.

JavaScript UptimeDC Client new feature

  • Added DCRoom for display.

New Feature! High availability mode:

  • Highly available UptimeDC cluster
  • Automated data replication within the cluster
  • Load balancing
  • Eliminated single points of failure
  • Performance improvement



Changed default structure view

  • Changed default structure view from Tiles to Grid.

Improved Quick Find performance

  • Removed object counter in Quick Find Tree.



Fixed errors with Contexts in 3D

  • Fixed errors with Notification and Security Context in structure on 3D View.

Fixed Rack Space Availability Report

  • Fixed rack occupancy on front and back in Rack Space Availability Report.

Fixed permissions for Uptime Structure and Network Table Editor

  • Fixed problems with permissions to Uptime Structure and Network Table Editor.

Fixed minor upgrade errors

  • Fixed minor errors while performing upgrade.

Fixed checking license limitations

  • Fixed errors and falsity while checking license limitations.

Fixed tracker errors

  • Fixed minor errors with tracker.

Fixed JavaScript UptimeDC Client errors

  • Fixed minor errors with JavaScript UptimeDC Client.

Fixed Network Table Editor and Network Path generation

  • Fixed generation of Network Path and minor errors in Network Table Editor.

Fixed associated references when object is removed

  • Removed remaining associated references to objects after deleted.


Version Number:

Release Date: 05 April 2018


New  mobile client web service on \fieldservice url [brochure]

  • Support for Android and IOS mobie devices
  • Scan Qrcodes, search by Bguid, serial no
  • Display and edit devices data
  • Racks and devices view
  • Logging handling for multiple domains

New iPatch Panels data import capabilities

  • Created CSV file to import iPatch Panels data.

New types of connections added

  • SFP and QSFP connections for the Network Table Editor have been added.

New models are available

  • Loads of new models added including Huawei servers and network devices.

Clear trashbin is available 

  • Added procedure to clear trashbin.

New model of authentication for imVision tracker

  • Added authentication handling in imVision tracker.

Improved Quick Find

  • Quick Find performance improvement.



Fix problems with upgrades on Linux servers

  • Fixed minor error with upgrade on Linux.

Fix problems with shut down on Linux servers

  • Fixed script to shut down UDC service on Linux.

Fix problems with Blade tracker report

  • Fixed blade tracker report for Dell models with displaying properties in correct contexts.

Fix problem with moving devices between slots

  • Fixed moving devices between slots in modular devices.

Fix problem with removing users

  • Fixed problem with removing users.

Fix problems with with modifying permissions

  • Fixed errors with permissions to location.

Fix problems with on-line backup

  • Changed script to backup online. Fixed problem with saving to database.

Fix problems with Export Users procedure

  • Fixed parsing value error in Export Users procedure.

Fix problems with missing identification

  • Fixed coloring missing serial number & inventory number.

Fix problems with with Quick Find

  • Fixed errors with Quick Find on Root subtree.

Fix problem with port name changing

  • Fixed problem with changing port name for used port.

Fix problems with with Users authentication

  • Fixed sending scripts to UptimeDC with AD authentication.

Fix problem with 3D view

  • Fixed error with 3D rack-level inspection.

Fix error during uploading new device icon

  • Fixed stack overflow during uploading new icon in Device Modeler .Changed device model icon size and ratio.

Version Number:

Release Date: 10 October 2017


New Quick find capabilities

  • Quick find searches not only attributes but also referenced objects by their names.

New models of modular cabinets

  • Modular collocation cabinets are supported.

New information added in autodiscovery reports

  • Blade Autodiscovery Report shows information about discovered server slot number.

New Trackers automation is available

  • Trackers automation is available – general locations can be specified to track all objects from locations automatically.

UptimeDC documentation added to standard installer

  • Documentation included in standard installer.



Improved Find best locations procedures working

  • Find best location procedure is now available at dcroom\rack\device level.

Improved Searching for cables

  • Searching for cables searches all cable attributes instead of name only.

Support for keyboard navigation in 3D view

  • Improved 3D Navigation: more natural navigation in look around mode, keyboard up/down/left/right/pgup/pgdown navigation is supported.

Improved items selection

  • Selected elements in device/rack/dcroom and other 2D views are more clearly displayed (border/background).



Fix problems with Model editor

  • Not enough permissions to perform model instances update fixed.

Fix problems with in-place editing

  • Editing inventory and serial number directly from grid-type reports doesn’t work.

Fix unexpected crashes with navigation

  • Fixed random crashes when navigating with tree in Rack3D.

Fix problems with selection in nonmodular devices

  • Selection in device (nonmodular) view doesn’t work.

Fix problems with on-line backup

  • Online Backup doesn’t work properly.

Fix problems with rack names presentation

  • Unreadable rack names after adding ceiling.

Fix problems with with logical connections

  • Removing logical connections doesn’t work properly.

Version Number:

Release Date: 13 July 2017


New function – Trackers

  • Trackers functionality allows gathering SNMP/autodiscovery data from devices. The Trackers are Uptime objects with specialized SNMP data reading procedures. Actual devices data stored by Trackers are used for reports, views or notifications preparation.

New master page

  • Master page added at {serveraddress} with no url postfix. The page presents direct links to UptimeDC services.

New information added in autodiscovery reports

  • Blade Autodiscovery Report shows information about discovered server slot number.

New function in SMNP imVision Tracker

  • imVision Tracker allows devices records pairing between both systems. imVision unique identifier (imVisionId) is set for every tracked Uptime device and its ports. It ensures that connections between devices and ports are presented properly.

New service form mobile users

  • Brand new field service support. Can be accessed with {server_address}/fileldservice




Improved Network Table Editor

  • Full-text search is available instead of searching by name in Network Table Editor\Add devices.

Improved model editor ergonomics

  • Model names in grid views are always displayed in human readable form (instead of GUID form).

Improved Find Devices in 3D function

  • Improved Find Devices in 3D function. Structures (eg. racks/devices) not containing search results are not displayed to provide clear view of the results.

Normal 3D view:

Search results:

Improved object’s permission view

  • When user has multiple permissions assigned to objects containing one another, contained structures are not displayed redundantly but only as parts of containing structures.

Improvement in UptimeDC installation procedure

  • Installer simplified, more informative and more user friendly.

Improved general write performance

  • General write performance upgrade. Write operations are up to x2 faster.



Fix problems with import Users from AD

  • Fixed problems with synchronize procedure Active Directory groups and users in UptimeDC.

Fix a problem with Network Editor

  • Fix a problem with cable creation in Network Editor.

Fix a problem with QuickFind results

  • QuickFind doesn’t find serial numbers

Fix problems with Clone procedure

  • Fix problems with cloning structures using Clone procedure

Version Number:

Release Date: 10 April 2017


New function – Trackers

  • Trackers functionality allows gathering SNMP/autodiscovery data from devices. The Trackers are Uptime objects with specialized SNMP data reading procedures. Actual devices data stored by Trackers are used for reports, views or notifications preparation.

Visibility of names of devices are enabled on dcroom 2D view

  • Rack/device names are displayed directly on dcroom 2D view.

New network connection editor

  • Advanced network connection editor including cable management added.

Icon-based information about models of devices in Add new items menu

  • Models displayed in Add new items show graphical information about origin of given model (standard library model/user edited).

Multi attribute search in device properties

  • You can search for several attributes in device properties at once, using a punctuation mark.

Improved SNMP configuration

  • Added support for SNMP version 3 in configuration objects.

Zoom/scroll features added in device modeler

  • Improved device model editor ergonomics in large zoom and scroll feature providing better access to devices details.

Added MTP/MPO type cables and network terminals

  • New types of objects, representing MTP/MPO types of cables, are available for cable management.

Added ability to create new device model

  • Create new device model feature added. Feature is available directly from Find model to install.

Improved general performance

  • General performance upgrade. All operations are up to x2 faster.

Improved model editor ergonomics

  • Clipboard operations available in device modeler on device model elements (slots, ports).
  • Check in device modeler whether added device texture has proper width/height ratio.
  • Device modeler allows to edit U-Size of the device directly
  • Improve precise positioning enabled in device modeler (snapping to grid is off).
  • Download textures supported in device modeler.

Improved cable reports

  • Cable report was improved to show MTP/MPO multi-terminal connections. Now connections are presented per available Cable terminal.

Improved logical connections management

  • User can delete children logical connection from parent level

Problem with changelog

  • Issues with changelog are solved.

Problem with Replace device

  • Fix a problem with Replace Device function not ended correctly.

Problem with drag and drop elements of the model

  • Fix a problem with visual artifacts in device modeler when dragging elements of the model.

Version Number:

Release Date: 15 January 2017


Add Breadcrumb navigation for logical connections

  • Logical connections can be managed with convenient breadcrumb navigation.

New demonstration design for a new installation

  • New demonstration design for a new installation has been prepared. In contains: devices, racks, power and network connections fully representative of UptimeDC functionality.

Improvement in logical structure creation

  • Folders can be created within infrastructure objects: devices, racks, dcrooms.

Added procedure to synchronize Active Directory groups in UptimeDC

  • Added procedure to synchronize Active Directory groups and users in UptimeDC.

Improved performance of quick find procedure

  • Performance of quick find reports generation improved up to 4x.

On-line backup script for linux modified

  • On-line backup script for linux versions was modified to run the online backup from shell.


Version Number:

Release Date: 13 December 2016


Add Power Used color map in Power context

  • Power Used is calculated on each Rack and presented on color map in Power context. Power Used calculation is based on real data measure.

Power used

Right side panels in Folder are available in all contexts

  • Right-side panels in Folder are available in Security, Notifications, Tasks and Planning contexts.

Logical and virtual appliances could be mapped to hardware.

  • Services, applications and other logical and virtual appliances are supported with mapping to hardware infrastructure. Reference parent-child are supported.

On-line backup script for linux added

  • On-line backup script for linux versions added.

Memory usage decreased by up to 60%

  • Memory usage reduced by up to 60%.

Improved general performance

  • General performance upgrade. All operations are up to x5 faster.

Change in the form of structure presentation

  • Structure view migrated to more functional and performant Folder view.

Folder View


Problem with adding structures and devices to logical folders

  • All objects including structures, dcrooms, racks, devices can be directly organized in Folders

Version Number:

Release Date: 04 November 2016


Improvements in folders containing large numbers of objects

  • Large numbers of objects in collections (Folders) are supported now.

Planning procedures work on pieces of the plan

  • Planning procedures (Generate Tasks, Convert plan to actual item, Differences Report) are adopted for the possibility of action on the piece of plan



Improved performance of of creating plans procedure

  • Performance of creating plans for large structures (eg dcrooms) improved up to x10

Improved procedures execution

  • Procedures/functions with no additional user input are executed automatically without need of user confirmation (Execute)

Problem with Ctrl+C short key on navigation tree

  • Clipboard copy (CTRL+C) supported on navigation tree and quick find results

Authorization for remote scripts execution

  • Security (authorization) improved for remote scripts execution

Version Number:

Release Date: 20 October 2016


New attribute in Object’s Models for precise changes control

  • New preChangeAttribute / postChangeAttribute handlers are available for all objects enabling precise control over any attribute changes.

Added new types of objects and folders designed for cable management

  • New types of objects, representing different kind of cables, are available for cable management. They can be stored in Cable Store folders.

Cable management

Improvement in UptimeDC installation procedure

  • Added export/import aux-storage databases to Uptime installer.

Improvement in procedure enables execute script from UI

  • Execute Script from UI now can execute scripts stored on either client side or server side.


Execute script in procedure takes selected items as parameters

  • Execute Script now automatically takes selected items as parameters. Other parameters can also be specified manually.

New attribute in Device Reports

  • Attribute CMDB ID added in Device Support And Maintenance, Device Identification, Device inventory

Improved user implemented procedures

  • Upgrade procedure preserves user implemented integration change handlers


Counter selected cells and rows added in reports

  • Selected cells count and total rows count are displayed in grid-type reports



Improved performance of report generation

  • Performance of reports generation improved up to 4x.

Improved performance on multi-core servers

  • Better performance scalability on multi-core servers

Problem with Opacity display option

  • Opacity when inactive display option for dc-room layer doesn’t work

Problem with adding attachments

  • Unable to add attachment to user

Problem with changing incorrect item model

  • Operation on incorrectly made models has been established

Version Number:

Release Date: 04 July 2016


Improvement in UptimeDC installation procedure

  • You may restore all data from old version or create new installation when installing new version of UptimeDC.

New report in Inventory context

  • Added new report: Report devices purchased before or after date

Improved SNMP configuration

  • Added ability to configure (connection timeout, retries) existing SNMP configuration objects.



Improved performance of tree navigation

  • Improved performance of tree navigation for large organization

Improvements in quick find procedure

  • Results of quick find procedure are limited to selected location.

New attribute in Device Inventory Report

  • Following attributes added to Device Inventory: Cost, CPU Type, OS Version.



Access to user permissions

  • Fix a problem with access to users permissions on task context.

Wrong information in the log for SNMP

  • Fix a problem with log information for properties gathered via SNMP for Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Problem with setting SNMP IP address for parent device

  • Fix a problem with setting SNMP IP address for parent device

Incorrect information in the log after correction of IP address

  • Fix a problem with incorrect information showing after correction of IP address.

Random error with conversion from plan to actual item

  • Fix a problem with sometimes occurring problem while converting plan to actual item in Planning context.

Tasks procedure is not working for networking changes

  • Fix a problem with task generation procedure for connections changes.

Memory usage optimization on IE9/10/11 in properties edition

  • Memory usage in properties edition views on IE9/10/11 reduced.

Incorrect SNMP configuration

  • Fixed a problem with attributes using the same OID in SNMP configuration.


Version Number:

Release Date: 23 May 2016


Added new types of reports and procedures

Added following reports and procedures


  • Devices identification
  • Devices technical details

Support and maintenance review

  • Devices with warranty ending
  • Devices without power supply redundancy
  • Devices installed before date


  • Service agreement rollout
  • End of warranty rollout.

In these reports you can configure input data (e.g. apply to blade devices only) and output data (show the selected columns).

New Reports

New report in Inventory context

New report: Devices installed before or after date.

New report in Power context

New report: PDUs inventory and status containing SNMP configuration parameters.

Improvements – copy operation on objects is possible in grid type reports and views

Grid type reports and views now supports clipboard (Copy) operation on objects (objects on reports are presented as links).

Multiple selection is available on objects in grid type reports

Multiple selection scenarios are available on objects in grid type reports (selective with CTRL, range with SHIFT or drag, entire column by clicking on column header).

Multiple selection is available for Date type column in reports

Multiple selection is available in grid type reports for Date type columns.

Automatic detection UptimeDC client version

Web browser automatically detects if UptimeDC client application is up to date and starts download if not.

Improvement – Procedures as a logical items

Currently procedures as models are also in UptimeDC library and you can add procedure (as an object) to a folder.

Improvement – Availability to assign a dictionary with allowable values for given property

Availability to assign a dictionary with allowable values for given property. Set of dictionary values can be static or generated dynamically based on any business rule. It helps user to assign value of the property and avoid setting improper data.

Possibility to hide object from user Homepage

Added new property for permission that allows to define whether an object with granted permission should be initially visible on user Homepage.

Improvements in clipboard Copy operations

Clipboard Copy operation is supported on all views (e.g. dcroom2d/3d, rack 2d/3d etc.).

Improvement in upgrade UptimeDC version

When installing new version of UptimeDC configuration settings associated with Active Directory and STD library are preserved.

Possibility to execute procedure on result set of another procedure

Now you can execute procedure or report on result set another procedure or report.

execute procedure on result set

New procedure to changing device model

Now is possible to change device model using Replace device procedure.

Improvements in integration API

Integration API was extended by adding three new static methods to UdcScriptExecutor class:

  • getAuthorizationKey – allows get user authorization token to store it and perform remote script execution without need to log on
  • executeScriptUsingKey – allows remote execution of given script without need to log on (using authorization token)
  • executeScriptFromFileUsingKey – allows remote execution of given script from file without need to log on (using authorization token).

Division procedures to folders

Former “Procedures” tool has been divided into separated folders (Find/Reports/Procedures) with subfolders for better clarity.


Improved in Log

Improved error reporting on client side. Messages that are encoded or unclear are not printed in Log.

Changes in permissions for new users or groups

Created user or group by default has access to Inventory context only.

Changes in rail devices presentation

Rail devices (distribution boards) are presented with rail with breakers icon.

Improvements in performance

  • Reports and procedures performance scales with number of available processor cores resulting in great overall performance improvement
  • Performance of calculating Notifications and Quick Find searching substantially improved.

New attribute in User properties

Description attribute added to User properties.

Change in display U-space in rack



Changing device model results in a lack of existing permissions on devices associated with model

Fix a problem with lack of existing permissions on device after changing device model.

Changing device model results in inability to remove device associated with model

Fix a problem with inability to remove device after changing device model.

Duplicate results in reports and procedures

Fix a problem with reports and procedures with result set based on inventory number. For these reports and procedures when you execute report or procedure on result set of another report results for child objects are duplicated.

Version Number:

Release Date: 21 March 2016


Improvements in Managing Users and Groups

  • Manage Users and Groups is now accessible from top-level toolbar and menu
  • Existing users can be added to multiple selected groups in one operation
  • Newly created user can be automatically added to multiple selected groups.

New feature in Table reports

Table reports (grid type) allows cell range filling with single value using clipboard.

New possibilities in connections

Connections (network/power/other) can be managed directly on realviews of devices/racks with localized ports/sockets.

New attribute in User

Description attribute added to User properties.

Permissions on group level

Permissions to functions (contexts) can be defined on group level.

Removing user created models

User created device models can be deleted with Del shortcut and context menu operation in Find model to install browser.

Improvements in Find model to install and Export/Import Device Models

New adds in Find model to install and Export/Import Device Models:

  • Delete item (shortcut and context menu)
  • Add item to Favourites (context menu)
  • Open item (context menu).

Automatically updating devices after modifying device model

When modified device model is saved by user, all existing devices of this model can be automatically updated when requested (message box).

Open Device Model option added to device, rack and DC room context menu

Now it is possible to open and edit Device Model directly from device.

Improved adding to Favourites

Add to Favourites command is available in context menus on all objects displayed.

Added new procedure Find ports

New procedure Find ports allows to search using the criteria: IP address, MAC / WWN, Label, etc.

Added new procedures Import/Export users

Now is possible to move users between different UptimeDC instances.

New attribute Manufacturer model name added

Manufacturer model name is not associated with Model name in UptimeDC library to enable standardization of model names.


Improved rack editor ergonomics

Improved rack editor ergonomics in large zoom – ruler keeps maximum width providing better access to rack equipment.

Updated User interface styling

Improved overall readibility and user experience.

Improved drill-down operations

All drill-down operations (double click) are now configured to open new object in the same window (tab) instead of opening new window. This enables fluent navigation (backward/forward).

Improved in operations on multiple selected items

Right click menu operations available on multiple selected items in logical folders.

Confirmation after closing modified objects

User friendly behaviour when closing modified roomplan in roomplanner or device model in device modeler (Yes/No/Cancel).

Improved log

Divided messages in log for warnings (red) and information (black)

Unique object name not required in Plans

Now procedures in Plan context use BGUID (Business GUID) and not Name.

New columns added to Rack Space Availability procedure

Add max contiguous front / back U-space columns to Rack Space Availability procedure.

New attribute in network ports

New attribute MAC / WWN added to network ports.

New values in Speed Value

New values (i.e.: 2 Gbit/s, 4 Gbit/s, …) added to list in Speed Value attribute list in network Port.

Improved navigation in 3D

Navigation in 3D has been improved. When selecting object (e.g. rack) in the left navigation pane (tree) camera in 3D view is focused on this object. All other objects between camera and focused object are hidden ensuring the object is fully visible and accessible.

Plan keep external connections

External connections (to devices outside plan) are kept.

Improved Cable type attribute

Cable type value entered on one side is visible at both ends of the connection.

3-phase Power attributes shown only on 3-phase devices

New class for 3-phase devices to sort power attributes.

Changed attribute Label to Connection label

New attribute Connection label entered on one side is visible at both ends of the connection.

Model attribute in device changed to link

Now is possible to open device model directly form device properties.

Improved SNMP configuration

Added ability to edit (OID, Multiplier) existing SNMP configuration objects.

Users and Groups sorted alphabetically

Changed sorting users and groups.

Improved Find devices procedure

Add possibility to find devices for criteria: Slot X and Slot Y.

Improved Clone device or rack procedure

Now name of device is copied to new object.


Current selection lost when switching between list and tile views

Fix a problem with current selection.

Random error while editing Device model

Fix a problem with sometimes occurring problem while during the editing Device model.

Save as for model works like Save for models with associated devices

Fix a problem with Save as for models that have created associated devices.

All Tasks procedure has wrong data in Description column

Fix a problem with incorrect data in Description column in All Tasks procedure.

3D view doesn’t work in model edit mode

Fix a problem with inability to run 3D view of model.

Administrator can change internal connections

Blocked the ability to change internal connections.

Version Number:

Release Date: 22 January 2016



Now is possible to manage SNMP through graphical interface. SNMP configuration object can be created from library and linked to device being monitored. Added simple editor for SNMP attributes as well.



Improved bulk data update

Bulk data update via clipboard on table reports now works on any selection (including mixed read-only and read-write cells).

Improved presentation of find results

Presentation of find results has been refined:

  • Name and Location widths are automatically adjusted to content
  • Location is presented in relative form (beginning with object searched in) instead of global.

Added new attributes in reports

New attributes in Device Inventory report in Inventory context:

  • Service Agreement
  • Agreement
  • End of Guarantee Date
  • Administrator
  • Technical Contact Person
  • Height in U

New attributes in Device Inventory report in Networking context:

  • Host Name
  • IP Address.

Added parameter in Find device procedure

New parameter – Administrator – added in Find device procedure.

Added new message when cloning structure with connection out of this structure

New message added to clarify that connections that target to objects outside cloned structure will be deleted.

Improved in column charts

Now is possible to hide Y values in column charts.

Improved in cloning and planning procedures

Added proper managing business GUID in all procedures concerning with cloning devices or planning.


Items added to Task has always Task context

Fix a problem with incorrect Item context when Item added to Task.

Import procedure doesn’t take into account whether device is rack mountable

Fix a problem with import non-rack mountable devices to rack. Now such devices are imported to Unlocalized folder in rack.

Cloning from Unlocalized folder doesn’t work

Fix a problem with cloning devices stored in Unlocalized folder.

Version Number:

Release Date: 07 December 2015


Simplified dashboard-like UI mode

New simplified UI mode added as alternative to standard analytic mode available in previous releases.
Simplified (dashboard-like) mode allows to access selected information very quickly for users interested in overviews and dashboards. Simplified mode is available by setting UI Navigation permission on User to Simplified (dashboard-like).

QR Code generator

Now is possible to create QR Code for device from different kinds of device attributes (like Inventory No, GUID, Name, etc). Generated QR Code is stored in device attachment.


Bulk data input and update on reports

Bulk data input and update is now possible directly on various table-type sheets (reports) eg. Device Inventory. Data can be entered by editing single cell or via clipboard operations on cell ranges.


New integration sample

New integration sample added demonstrating how to use various system services from the browser standalone or as part of other web application.

Automatic UI refresh

Automatic UI refresh (page reload) added for inspecting data changes without any manual intervention. Requires Automatic Page Relod permission set on user. User with this permission can define automatic refresh on any displayed UI page using drop-down next to Reload icon on top navigation bar.


Improved 3D rendering quality

3D rendering quality substantially improved.

Corrects Heat Rated values in some models in library

Improvement in power status property

Device power status property is displayed/edited in form of drop-down list (On\Off\Unspecified) instead of text field.

Improvements in room planning

Room planner has been upgraded. Drawing room plans is now much more intuitive and easy to use.


Sorting by Manufacturer doesn’t work

Fix a problem with error when sorting by Manufacturer (Mfg.) in Find model to install.

Replace Device or Rack procedure malfunction

Fix a problem with device modules after model replacement.

Wrong data in Effective permissions procedure

Fix a problem with incorrect users permissions on location in Effective permissions report.

Delete keyboard accelerator problems

Fix various problems with using Delete keyboard accelerator:

  • stopped working after on-site object name editing
  • blocked regular Delete key usage in various text fields.

No Properties for User miniview in Favourities

Fix a problem with no displaying user properties for selected item in Favourities.

For some graphics cards do not show elements of Room Plan

Fix a problem with displaying objects on Room Plan for some Radeon graphics cards.

Version Number:

Release Date: 29 October 2015


Extended scripting API

Scripting API extended for advanced integration purposes. UdcObject.getId() provides access to persistent object id (GUID) for any object.

Added checking for duplicate device names

Check if device names are duplicated in the plan or its actual item, to avoid errors during conversion plan to the actual iteem.


Improved integration samples and changed samples location

Improved integration samples added to installation – samples\integration folder contains rich integration samples for the following platforms: Java, PowerShell, KornShell.

Eliminated restriction on graphical objects size

Improvement: any limitations on graphical objects size in dcroom\roomplan has been eliminated.

Improved 3D rendering quality

3D rendering quality substantially improved, especially for large objects (floors, corridors etc.).

Memory usage optimization in 3D structures

Further memory usage optimization in large 3D structures. Increased stability on Internet Explorer.

Reduced size of textures in the library

Reduced size of textures in the library for up to 200 kB.

Improved Power Circuit loading time

Power Circuits loading time was reduced by factor of 5.


Out of memory error on large diagrams

Fix a problem with out of memory error when opening extremely large diagrams (etc. power circuits for entire building).

Incorrect values in the report

Fix a problem with incorrect values for column Category in Device Inventory report.

Impossible to use new device models in procedure

Now is possible to use device models created in Device Modeler in Replace Device or Rack procedure.

Long device name in Rack 2D view overlaps Properties window

Impossible to delete a user if belongs to the group

Now is possible to delete a user without the need of removing it from a group first.

Browser internal error when clicking quickly

Fix a problem with browser internal error when clicking quickly on search results categories (devices, racks etc.).

Tasks are generated in the wrong order

Now tasks for modular devices in Plans are generated in the correct order – first for modules and then for the device.

Version Number:

Release Date: 02 October 2015


Improvement – New confirmation message on port disconnect attempt

Improvement in selection

New selection scenarios:

  • rack can be selected on rack page by clicking on free space within rack geometric boundaries,
  • device can be selected on device page by clicking on free space within device geometric boundaries.

New integration sample added

Integration samples are included in installation (storage\scripting\samples\integration).

Available samples:

  • PowerShell,
  • ksh/Python,
  • pure Java integration.

Usability improvements

Various user settings eg. coloring scales, selections, etc are handled in more user friendly manner. All such settings are now stored permanently into user workspace and are restored after log in.

Improvement – Multiselection is supported in Manage Users and Groups page

Added support for URI attributes in properties

Added full support for URI attributes in properties (update, delete etc.).


Additional information in the log for SNMP

For properties gathered via SNMP when connection timeout occurs, additional info about device and its IP address is added to log.

Improvements in quick find results

Improvements in quick find results:

  • Found column is not displayed when there were no search phrase,
  • Results page navigation footer is not displayed when results fit into single page.

 Improvement in changing access type

Changing permissions access type (Users context) is now single click operation.

Removed Account Disabled permission type

Removed nonfunctional Account Disabled permission type. Available permission types are ReadOnly and ReadWrite.


Incorrect information in the outcome of the procedure Find ports or devices in Networking context

Fix a problem with incorrect information showing after port selection in Find ports or devices procedure results.

Poor performance of graphical operation in large DC rooms

Improved performance of graphical operations (eg. scroll/zoom) in large dcrooms.

Selection on device port is lost after page reload or changing properties of the port

Fix a problem with selection on device port after page reload.

Instability on IE9/10/11 in 3D views

Memory usage in 3D views reduced by factor of 5. Greatly increased stability on IE9/10/11.

No possibility of removing user permissions

Now it is possible to remove user permissions on structure element.

Version Number:

Release Date: 17 September 2015


New feature – Conversion plan to actual item now works on selected items

Conversion plan to actual item now works also for selected elements of the plan. This applies to the following procedures:

  • Convert plan to actual item
  • Differences report
  • Generate Tasks.

Added automatic connection for HP Pass-Thru modules

Connecting device to the port of Pass-Thru module will now setting up an automatic connection between the internal port of Pass -Thru Module and appropriate blade server NIC interface. This applies to HP C3000 and C7000 devices.

New improvement – Selection synchronization between find results and structure tree/main view in dcroom 3D


All settings stored permanently into user workspace

Usability improvement – Various user settings eg. coloring scales, selections, etc are handled in more user friendly manner. All such settings are now stored permanently into user workspace and are restored after log in.


No scroll on power ports panel

Fix a problem with no scrollbar on power ports panel in some cases.

It is not possible to save the rack cabinet model under a new name

Fix a regression – It is not possible to save the rack cabinet model under a new name.

Wrong count values of attributes for Power Rated Usage and Heat Rated Usage

Fix a regression with wrong count values of attributes for Power Rated Usage and Heat Rated Usage. The values derived from the model and not from an instance.

Del key conflicting while editing object names

Fixed a problem with conflicting Del key accelerator while editing object names.

Import devices procedure does not import fields SerialNo and Description

Fixed a regression – In Import devices procedures values from SerialNo and Description fields are not imported.

Connections to ports Pass-Thru modules are not transferred to the plan

In Planning context connections to ports Pass-Thru modules in HP C7000 and C3000 devices are not transferred to the plan.

Upgrade mode does not work when installing UptimeDC on Linux

Fix a problem with upgrade when installing UptimeDC on Linux.

Device module selection in rack view does not work

Fix a problem with module selection on rack view – device module selection resulted in device selection.

Icon of network port in the summary of the properties is not updated properly

Fix a problem with updating a port icon in Properties summary.


Disable the user account is not possible

Fix a problem – In User context it is not possible to change Access type to AcountDisabled.

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