Mastering change

How to use uptimeDC to control the changes in data center environment

Advanced change management in the data center

Plan, predict and validate automatically to keep efficiency on the highest level
with minimum effort even in most turbulent business environment.

Be simply notified about what you find important without digging into endless reports and tables.

Simulate and compare optimization scenarios

What doing to optimize power consumption and space in cabinets in server room.

Just check development script difference server room in UptimeDC.

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Save up to


of the capacity

Data center migration planning

You can easily plan DC Room migration.

Use UptimeDC Planning context. It will help you make step by step migrations, where you can easily make new DC Room design, and then move racks to their new location.

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Save up to


of the time for a single operation

Reporting and analytics made right

You need clear information to summarise data from devices and locations.

You may use color-coded maps and reports and get information inĀ  approachable form.

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Find model to install new device

You know that soon there will be a delivery of new equipment to your data center. You have to find a proper device model and prepare it for quick installation in your data center.

Used tools:

You may use a built-in device model library or on-line device model library to find an appropriate device model. You can insert the completed unit to DC Room Aux storage to await for the installation.

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