Journey to top efficiency

Deploy in minutes, gain profits in hours, master in time.

Minimize workload and maximize effects

UptimeDC was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities.

This solves number of challenges that you meet in your daily work.

Do It Yourself! How to successfully self deploy in 15 minutes

UptimeDC self deployment it’s not only simple, but also quick.

With help of tools, which UptimeDC provide, you can easily install and configure application. Installation, creating structure, importing your devices and making connections in less than 15 minutes.

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Save up to


of the time for an operation

Reporting and analytics made right - user rules it all

You need clear information to summarize data from devices and locations.

You may use color-coded maps and reports and get information inĀ  approachable form.

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Be informed about what is important to you

You need all the information about DC Room in one place.

Used tools:

You may customize your workspace to display required information by placing there Color-coded maps and reports.

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