Following your needs

Future-proof solutions capable to meet your requirements you are not yet aware of.

Future business needs are hardly predictable.

Unbeatable flexibility of UptimeDC offers great help to deal with challenges to protect your investment.

Functional capacity of the solution can continuously expand  and fulfill your needs, even the most unexpected.

Capacity Utilization and Planning

You have to increase capacity to support new activities without additional power.

Filling in the free rack space with servers without bringing power or cooling risks. Use color-coded maps of needed rack capacities and on-line power readings for a device.

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Get up to


highier capacity

Ensure connecting redundancy

You need to know if You take a device down for maintenance what the penalties might be and who must be notified about it.

Use built-in failure simulations scenarios to detect possible issues.

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Save up to


of the time for a single operation

Find model to install new device

You know that soon there will be a delivery of new equipment to your data center. You have to find a proper device model and prepare it for quick installation in your data center.

Used tools:

You may use built-in device model library or on-line device model library to find an appropriate device model. You can insert the completed unit to DC Room Aux storage to await for the installation.

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